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Im prepared for the long hard drive ahead Cooper, we have to be mindful of how your public image is re-produced. There‘s a meme already circulating of your mug shot. At this moment my secretary is replacing the Moralfag jokes with inspirational messages sourced from leaders of the pasts. She‘ll be posting them on the firm‹s tumblr. slide

The making of disposable chat rooms. bablewithme Jane Doe the detective is constructing a name for us from clouded peaks. Her structured body can only look down but Jane, John, and I seesaw sight. Lets default to our nucleus, a single stranded serpent consuming it‹s own head.

A search engine? Is that how you would describe yourself on forums? You know Cooper, we‹ve read everything you posted online- from your viral life-hack blog, to your more concerning terror plots on echelon2. Nobody brought you in here today for a cheaply written five easy exercises for a flatter stomach list. Here is my team‹s copy of the most recent terror map you posted. Cooper, would you mind helping me understand what you were thinking when you wrote this? slide

Excuse me, but in my experience as a defender of the creative class, I‹ve had the honor of working with clients who have a sensitivity to objects unlike regular consumers. They have a sixth sense, an innate material intuition that unifies their bodies with their physical environment.