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Security is a black box, a ghost theatre. A costume designed with holes cut for eyes. A perforated fire blanket where anyone can hide and seek

-Cooper, from Shy World


A one-act-play written and directed by Medium Judith, a theater collaboration between Amanda Horowitz and Bryan Edward Collins. Shy World takes place in an interrogation room, where Cooper, the self-appointed Poet Laureate of the hacktivist group Anonymous, is being questioned. An NSA agent has mistaken Cooper's poetry for terror plots to take down major power grids across the U.S. The play is a satirical look at the surveillance, internet addiction, online activism, and the security state. Performed at Normal's Book Shop/The Red Room and originally workshoped as a whispered play at Rock512Devil. Documentation of play is sold at Printed Matter, Normal's Book Shop, and Red Emmas.

Performed By

Reece Cox, Cooper
Suzie Doogan, Shelly Chambers
Flannery Silva, Hunter Collins

With Help From

Travis Levasseur, filming/documentation

To purchase the DVD documentation of play ($10)