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 © 2015

"She is a pose for the pixilated strike A hovering strip tease Strip-search for the subject.

Am I the cyber rapist?

A performed polyvalent perversity is the drag I disclose myself in. I cannot fully enter or empathize, so I turn to text, a collection of failed performances that leave me in cyberdrag, dressing up with defile."

- From Revenge Poem

The female is constantly being addressed, accounted for, rewritten, and repurposed. Like a JPEG she has become pure data traveling through cyberspace, losing sharpness and becoming a lo-fi, genderless image. Theory of the LoFi Female begins in the images of revenge porn, using the exposed nude female as an undressed (un-addressed) body for a speculative, subversive protest. The eroticism of revenge porn is produced by the male’s direct participation in humiliating the female subject; the image reveals his own presence trapped inside the surface of a feminine pose. He is looking at his own body, his own actions, not the woman’s, she has escaped, leaving him inside the language that created her.

The past year has seen feminism’s viral moment. What we could call mediated feminism, a social movement that travels nodally through the Internet, proliferating the work done by women. Like the residual imagery of anarchy and the 1960’s free love movement we are witnessing a recycling of feminism’s political language into capital productions, a neoliberal technique that reshapes political movements into open-ended capital anthems. There is a continued repurposing of the feminine into western-patriarchal techniques of innovation and occupation. Traits attributed to the feminine brain are mirrored in the business models of tech industry. CEOs are tearing down office walls, making way for more creative, empathetic, and connective business strategies that suit their growth in a digital market. Military and surveillance discourse is repurposing the language once used to monitor and control the hysterical housewife to validate its preemptive, paranoiac security efforts at home and in the Middle East. Revenge Poem is a performed poem, a search for the female subject that can possibly refuse and escape the patriarchal techniques of reuse and erasure.

With help from:
Max Anderson, 3d animation
Travis Levasseur, filming
Max Eilbacher, audio

Performed at
Floristree, Diva Steps On Her Hope Box, AALA Gallery, Evening Hours NYC,
Documentation video exhibited at Sprinsteen Gallery i <3 my emergency