Keys To The Round House
 A Sense of Evening
 Suddenly, This Summer
 The Plumbing Tree
 Adult Crawls
 Parrots of Erotic Island
 Inside His Hat There is a Host
 Cloak of Earthly Objects
   Revenge Poem
       Poem Text


 © 2015

"She is a pose for the pixilated strike A hovering strip tease Strip-search for the subject.

Am I the cyber rapist?

A performed polyvalent perversity is the drag I disclose myself in. I cannot fully enter or empathize, so I turn to text, a collection of failed performances that leave me in cyberdrag, dressing up with defile."

The eroticism of revenge porn is produced by the male’s direct participation in humiliating the female subject; the image reveals his own presence trapped inside the surface of a feminine pose. He is looking at his own body, his own actions, not the woman’s, she has escaped, leaving him inside the language that created her.


With help from:
Max Anderson, 3d animation
Travis Levasseur, filming
Max Eilbacher, audio

Performed at
Floristree, Diva Steps On Her Hope Box, AALA Gallery, Evening Hours NYC,
Documentation video exhibited at Sprinsteen Gallery i <3 my emergency