The Plumbing Tree
 Adult Crawls
 Parrots of Erotic Island
 The Hearing of Linda Taylor
 Inside His Hat There is a Host
 Revenge Poem
   Cloak of Earthly Objects
        Rubble Rock
        Buff Rose
        Eracer Girl

 Shy World
 We Are Lesion
 Im A Ballad


Cloak of Earthly Objects

Tidy up 9-1-1
Look at the nice girl
Standing by the airport
Pantomiming typhoons

Collect the news
The myth of a nation
Blew into earth
The day she joined
An Earth Theater

Cold Greetings
Dust Plumes&

Gift her a desert’s tongue
A marvel tear
The saltwater spanking
From the invisible hand
We want her brackish and bloomed

How do you feel today?
Ten pranks of angels
In a command chain?

You are a hysterical monster
We shall never have to move.

Do you see young girl?
We are the buildings
We are the planes
We are the political powers
A dust storm disfigured
In young girls
We like

A radical voice between your legs
Will let you know you’re not alone
You’re on a kill list
Women to watch
The survivor tree,
Three girl shot.

A war is waged on
Your pockmarks
Your puberty
Your butterflies in history

We want you as nine
Screaming as nine
You have no idea why the crashes happened
You can’t see a pyramids peak
You can’t take joke
Because you’re a safety patrol guard on
Duty from 250 pm to 310
But this Tuesday you’re not.

Eracer Girl

Hire me pretty
The cowgirls are in heat
Rage, Storm, Swarm
Domesticate my terror
Safe room/ Free form
Toe-heel till you see
Meta-lang stick
Cow-piss, bull-shit
Counterfeit awe
Jean strap gag wraps seal glass lips

Every time I lie
My bowel grows an inch

Residue what I do
Rectum in the soup
Summon the love card
I’ve mistaken the punch
For love

Wake up hating your face
Desires’ a bitch, a tyrant
A real piggy face

Terror attacks
In wake
Of the sky
I recall the flight
A knot to be spoken melody
With a pit bull’s delight

Girls that smoke
Lie with me your sacred song,
A lovely twist, a kissing sound

The first lady
Ashes on the line,
She’s fucking the older guy
I’m having a massive heart attack
And when I get back
I’ll need a Tylenol

Electric septic speech
Sibilant seethe
Ransom in alien tongues.

Today’s bowels emptied
Everything a girl can see from 9 to 23
Cloak of earthly objects
Defy a thing to be

Grimy heavens
Commission rubble rock
Rubble rock and roll
Can’t move
Perceive me no more
Hanging on a leash
Elastic and sore
Catch my body
I’m the hyperobject girl