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I don't have the information for this lecture because I ate it. I became the system nine months ago. I was sitting in the Time Share office and I ate all the files. I am completely relatable now; all of time-shared is inside of me. I am putting together a ballad made from our time together. It’s called my baby ballad and it’s about the information inside of me. So I don’t have anything to share with you because its a work in pregnant. I coined the term work in pregnant. I hope to one day replace maternity with infinity leave, that way I can show you everything that’s possible.

Sometimes I feel like I’m transparent- so I ate me to see what it would be like. i wanted to get closer to real meaning, but now its all turning to shit. You can't leave now because im expecting.

It’s a baby ballad. It’s made up of information that I ate; information material is my chorus- I like to call it (I.M for short). its excessive but that’s just me, im an athlete im a crusader im a freedom fighter and this baby ballad is going to blow everyone’s fucking mind. I’ll sing it for you later.

Do you want to hear my cover? I’ve been practicing with other people’s material so that im ready for the big day. im covering time right now. I’ve also covered love but that ones way more complicated to share because I tend to leave everything open and sometimes it escapes me. I’m having my assistants make templates so that I never forget the lyrics to love.

Its just so hard being everything sometimes, I can’t see anything anymore, there’s a giant hole in my vision. I’ve been trying to figure out where it went.

Speaking of figuring it out, there’s a great figure inside of here. It’s an interactive work space, actually its a self portrait. You can add to it. But you can’t add me up. IM making the connections audible not addible. are you ready to hear my cover? im covering love, im just waiting for the time to pass and my baby ballad to be born. Someone called it a phantom but I think its more than that. I think my phantom is this entire world. and your all apart of it. That’s my cover of love.

Once I walked into a temp agency. (laugh track) wrong mood. Once i walked into a pubic health clinic (opening credits) wrong mood. When I walked into the temp agency I could feel my phantom trying to come out, but I contained myself. You see, my baby blob is refreshable, its constantly revising itself just like a temp does.

But I wasn’t ready to release my smash hit, we were still in the first trimester at that point. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever get past entry level if we keep repeating ourselves. That’s why I am giving you an in depth look into what makes me, me. it’s my anatomy im always talking about the parts inside of me.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I just have too many roles to play. I have no words left. im speaking for the system i ate, it called me its ladder, like a prop or an extension line.

Have I lost you guys? That’s me talking, not my baby I have this joke about the EPA, do you want to hear it? I have removed my nuva-ring so that it can orbit around the earth and protect Mother Nature.

When i walked into the public health clinic they told me they didn't carry my model. But im a model body. im the social body. im the public health clinic that doesnʼt carry myself. im going to fix that.

Once they were making a play about my situation- it didn't work out, it had terrible reception. There was this director; she’s what you would call a narcissist. She went remote right after open calls and communicated with the cast from an undisclosed location. I suspect it was the prop room.

The play was set in a nightclub called chaos. The director left a message asking the entire crew to imagine a bar the size of infinity. She didn't get it. im not a bar im a search. My ghostwriter called it a salad bar, you know like a self-service ditch. But really im just a search.

Any Way, in the play the director casted all the security guards from the building as bouncers due to budget cuts. Now they know I how I feel, serving for two. When my character was entering the bar she had a heart to heart with the bouncer. He asked her: how did you get here And she said she: Followed a sewage map, it connected me to the whole city and has channeled my guts to yours. Then he asked her to coat check the phantom baby at the door. She breeched it right through security. That’s how my baby became a union.

But thatʼs not actually how it happened. Really I was in a country club and the server asked me what was my makeup. MAC foundation of course it’s the only brand that syncs me to an even tone. The agent over heard us and asked to sponsor my baby ballad. I’ll be performing with a MAC foundation banner as a backdrop. They sent me a sample this morning, its going to be massive and pitch black, like a black hole that you can see your reflection in.

But before the big day comes I have to finish this ballad. It’s hard to compose the chorus because its impossible to complete. But as you can hear I have constructed all the verses. They are like bridges in the gap for immediate release.