The Plumbing Tree
 Adult Crawls
 Parrots of Erotic Island
 The Hearing of Linda Taylor
 Inside His Hat is a Host
 Revenge Poem
 Cloak of Earthly Objects
 Shy World
 We Are Lesion
   Im A Ballad
       Courtney Is
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       Mannequins & Stroller
       Exhibition Documentation (girls@work)


"Im A Ballad" Screened as part of MICA's 2014 thesis exhibition "Girls@Work" along with work by Jared Brown and Adi Shachar (sexoesthetic)

Throughout the exhibition Jared Brown and Adi Shachar (sexoesthetic) performed a visual-audio piece.

Surveillance image of exhibition, courtesy of Jared Brown

Model Body Schema 2: girls@work, under-construction: Figure sculpture from MICA's main library redressed in an Ikea worker's vest, surrounded by a precarious, temporary white board fence, posted up with ideas. 2014