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"Sometimes I wonder if it will ever get past entry level if we keep repeating ourselves. Thatʼs why I am giving you an in depth look into what makes me, me. itʼs my anatomy im always talking about the parts inside of me."

- From Courtney's Lecture (Im A Ballad)


The work completes itself and becomes itself through the formation of a model body
Courtney (good for the court, the dualities of two, self vs. self) has created a hole in her body, a phantom baby space. This hole is the working hole, where process out labors progress and meaning can gain rejuvenating qualities. The idea of Courtney is constantly being rehearsed inside the working hole, the formation of the self is fluid, and language can be used as a playful agency to reassemble fixed logic. Courtney is an idea, a design model, and digestible material, simultaneously becoming the artist and her statement of purpose. She shares her evolving ideology in a pre recorded lecture, using performance tropes of TED talks, stand up comedy, and political addresses.

With help from

Bryan Edward Collins, assistance
Louis Viera, filming
Klara Cachau-Hansgaard, acting assistance
Jared Brown, audio

Screened at

Maryland Institute College of Art 2014 Thesis Exhibition, Girls@work