Keys To The Round House
 A Sense of Evening
 Suddenly, This Summer
       Performance Excerpts
       Meat Log
 The Plumbing Tree
 Adult Crawls
 Parrots of Erotic Island
 Inside His Hat is a Host
 Cloak of Earthly Objects
 Revenge Poem


Working from an interest in terrifying subject matter and bad behavior, Amanda Horowitz adapted scenes from Tennessee William's lurid melodrama of Dionysian murder, Suddenly, Last Summer, sometimes even playing Tennessee herself. Performed by Arne Gjelten and Laura Stinger, the performance opens into a contemporary fantasy world of psychotic late night television, country music ballads, and confessions of a first-time meat eater. It's a mixture of hysteria, camp theatricality, and personal storytelling, where everyone wants to both be the killer and save the killed.

Performed By
Arne Gjelten
Laura Stinger
Amanda Horowitz
Made through a residency at PAM in Los Angeles special thanks to Brian Getnick, Julia Yerger, Andrea Sisson, Os Campos, Ryan David Obyrne, Flannery Silva, and Tim Reid. Ceramic props made by Julia Haft Candell.