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Embody the world inside out
An object named is a fish out of water
A fish out of putrid flotsam in a house that is a bowel

-From The Plumbing Tree

The Plumbing Tree is a three-act play, told through the perspectives of an eccentric family plagued by dogma. Each act is narrated by Miasma, the personification of a smell. What appears to be an episode of sibling rivalry as presented on a sitcom television show, shatters into pandemonium after the family is poisoned by methane gas from a plumbing disaster in their front lawn. In the flood of excrement, the family descends into a collective hallucination. Madness and despair gifts each member of the household with a lucidity that radically calls into question their world views. The play explores ideas of queer familial structures, polarizing political ideologies, and social contagions...(2018)

Medium Judithis a host for an interdisciplinary methodology for writing experimental theater works. The company originated in 2012 in Baltimore, MD with works composed by Bryan Collins and Amanda Horowitz. Their collaboration began as an urgent response to emergent political tools of the internet and their recombinant effects on power. Backdropped by this changing political landscape, they debuted Shy World (2013), a one-act play satirizing the conditions of the surveillance state, internet addiction, and online activism. It was performed at the Red Room in Baltimore MD and it’s documentation is distributed by Printed Matter NYC. Other projects include, Flash Drive for Fluxus- a script generated through text messaging, Lagoon Female- an ongoing collaborative research group, and Defy a Thing to Be- a performance and dance piece created for Bully Fae. Through a process that utilizes conceptual sculpture, joke writing, and concept-map making, Medium Judith creates a queer theater in which cultural signifiers are transmuted and recomposed into an experimental world logic and value system.

Performed at Highways Performance Space By:
Julia Yerger.....Jodi
Arne Gjelten.....Lars
Elizabeth Sonenberg.....Augustine
Christian Oyen.....Yves
Flannery Silva.....Celetta
Amanda Horowitz.....Miasma

Production Staff at Highways Performance Space
Roz Naimi.....Stage Manager
Darren Carter.....Technical Director
Luz Gaitan.....Lighting Designer
Andrea Sisson.....Video Producer
Pete Ohs.....Video Documentation

Special Thanks to
PAM Residencies, Brian Getnick, Tim Reid (and his Honda Civic), Jonathan Chacon, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Henry Moskowitz, Melina Beilefelt, Syd Bekey, Nena Zinovieff, Kevin Mulvey, Marisa Takal, Ann and Curtis Collins, Abbe Levine, Mitch Horowitz & the contributors to our Indiegogo campaign.